To all BIST ACADEMY clients,
HRD Corp is introducing a new mechanism to expedite your grant application process. Employers will be granted CONDITIONAL APPROVAL of their application within 24 working hours of submission.
To receive this conditional approval, employers must attach the necessary supporting documents, i.e., Course Content with Schedule, Trainer’s Profile, and Quotation indicating the cost of the training programme. They must also include a self-declaration that all information submitted through the online application system is true, accurate, correct, updated and complete. Employers must also ensure their application complies with the HRD Corp Allowable Cost Matrix and other relevant terms and conditions outlined by HRD Corp.
After the CONDITIONAL APPROVAL is issued, the system will notify Employers to proceed with training. The Training Provider will also receive the same notification. Both the Registered Employer and Training Provider must collectively ensure that the training is conducted in accordance with HRD Corp’s terms and conditions.
Please note that the CONDITIONAL APPROVAL is an automated response from the system. It cannot be deemed final and binding. The final approval is subject to the verification process by HRD Corp.
Any discrepancy or non-compliance found during the claim’s submission process may result in the withholding of payment until the matter is resolved, or rejection of the overall claims. These will be reviewed and decided on a case-to-case basis.
HRD Corp shall not be liable and/or held responsible for any costs, losses, or damages suffered by the Training Provider due to rejecting or withholding payment for claims that did not meet the prescribed terms and conditions. The Training Provider shall recover any/all damages or losses directly from the Registered Employer.
HRD Corp reserves all rights to amend, revise and update the terms and conditions from time to time. The above-stated process improvement and simplification shall take effect on
9 January 2023.

BISTA was founded by Mr Hafizi. His terrible accident experiences triggered him to establish BISTA to ensure everybody knows the basics of first aid so that more lives can be saved.

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